How Instagram Changed This Artist's Life

How Instagram Changed This Artist's Life

From struggling single mum to international artist

By Brittney Deguara | 5th January 2016

Single mum Louise de Weger didn't set out to be a famous artist. Sure, she developed an early love of art at the age of five when she entered a Sydney Morning Herald competition, but she never really dreamed creating masterpieces could be her job. But all that changed the day she downloaded Instagram. Now she's gone from struggling single mum, frustrated with her financial situation to an artist whose works are displayed all around the world.

The social media site is the driving force behind her successful brand, with Louise having been discovered and a feature on Network Nine’s Reno Rumble skyrocketing her name around the nation. Louise has created a highly sought-after product with all works sold through her Instagram page.

“I have sold more than 100 [paintings] this year and have collections in Luxembourg, Canada, UK, Singapore, United States, Indonesia,” says Louise. But Instagram isn’t an easy feat; Louise works 70 hours a week to work through all of the orders.

Louise de weger art

Louise's bright, bold works have made her an Instagram star.

The talented artist's recent success has created a whole new life for her 11-year-old son and retired parents. Because of the sudden influx of orders, she's now hired her parents as the business’s bookkeeper and framer maker, they have never been busier. She says all her hard work leading up to this success has been for her family. “Most of all, I hope I have made my son proud of me,” she says.

In terms of her creations, Louise says most of the works are unplanned; she enjoys watching the paintings evolve over time. Her style is focused on clean lines and more recently, bright colours garnered from her love of food artistry. “I'm itching to experiment with new styles and mediums, but I just never have the time which is a dream problem for an artist to have.” Drawing inspiration from well-known artists Robert Rauschenburg, Mark Rothko and Sydney Dion Horstmans’ geometric sculptures, she has created a unique style that art-lovers are fighting over.

Future collaborations will see Louise working with Aria Hotel at Melbourne’s Southbank with 26 pieces on display in early 2016. But before anything new happens, she will continue to work through the abundance of commissions she's received from her Instagram page.

“I always aim big, so I only see things getting better and better from here on in.” And if she could talk to her younger self, Louise would say, “You've got one shot at life, give everything a go without fear, love hard, laugh hard and be kind to everyone you meet.”


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Article by Brittney Deguara

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